Some of the many success stories from our wonderful patients...Thank you for sharing your stories!

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"We love Dr. John! My children get very excited to go see him! We've been going for a few months now. We have had less sinus congestion and are getting stronger in many ways. Dr. John is very knowledgeable!"

-Becky N. (Ballston Spa, NY)

"When I first met Dr. John, my 8 month old was having constipation problems due to a hard delivery with her shoulder being stuck in the birth canal. After just one adjustment, I could tell the difference right away in her. After just a short time, she was right back on track and has not had any problems since.

I was so impressed, that I took my then 8 yr. old asthmatic daughter, who was suffering from ADHD (among other behavioral problems) and missing lengthy periods of school.

After being in care for short while, she only missed 3 days of school last year and behavioral issues and special needs classes have discontinued. Her grades increased, making a big change in my daughter's life.

I can't begin to say how grateful we are. Our family's quality of life has changed. My entire family now goes to Dr. John's Family Chiropractic office for wellness care. Thanks Dr. John!"

-Alisha W. (Melrose, NY)

"As a Chiropractor myself I understand the importance of spinal hygiene and wellness. I get regular, weekly adjustments to keep my body healthy and avoid injury and disease."

-Antonio M.

"I was so nervous coming to a chiropractor for the first time.  Dr. John and his receptionist Kathryn have been like an extension to my family. You can tell they genuinely care about your health and well being!"

-Maddi M. (Waterford, NY)

 "Before receiving Chiropractic care, I had strong, uncontrollable pain in my lower back, stiff neck and sore upper spine area. I had constant headaches and I was unable to move without pain and I was even unable to play with my son or relax enough to sleep at night.

My health has improved greatly! Just in the way my body can now move and I have more flexibility without the pain. Even having less of headaches which has been a big blessing!

I honestly, wasn’t expecting to feel less stress in my body and more aware of how things felt. Now I am more aware of how my spine works and I am able to feel a better sense of balance."

- Brian L.  (Rotterdam, NY)

"I have been using Chiropractic care to help prevent migraines, keep proper spinal alignment and maintain nervous system health. Since a recent motor vehicle accident, Chiropractic care has helped tremendously in my healing and recovery progress.

Since receiving consistent Chiropractic Care the quantity and quality of migraines has greatly reduced! I have more energy and I feel more balanced.

With having a very physical and demanding job, I need regular support to maintain proper spinal alignment, nervous system health and corrective postural balances.

Chiropractic Care has helped with reducing stress, improved my sleep, energy and moods."

- Sherri P. (Clifton Park, NY)

"Over a year ago I hurt my neck and was in so much pain, called around to a few chiropractors and no one could get me in. Decided to call Ferguson Family Chiropractic braced myself for the same response....much to my surprise "we can see you this afternoon"! The first few weeks were painful getting me back to where I was supposed to be, but now I look forward to it. The staff is amazing the education you receive about your body is even better! I highly recommend Family Ferguson Chiropractic, PLLC!!!"

- Ashley P. (Clifton Park,  NY)

"Health problems before receiving Chiropractic care consisted of pain and tightness in neck, shoulders and in shoulder blades. Felt tired, had a lack of energy, and depression.

My neck, shoulders and back are much less tight now. I have more energy and am feeling less depressed on a regular basis. I fall asleep quickly, and wake before my alarm. Overall, I feel like my nervous system has been re-calibrated, which is great!”

-Carolyn P. (Latham, NY)

"Since I started care I now sleep all night without waking up 2-3 times to one or both of my arms asleep. I have more energy and flexibility at work, the range of motion of my neck and back area has increased, and there’s no stiff muscle tension or soreness. My hip pain has decreased and the leg motion I use to life objects at work is more comfortable and less worrisome to do. Before, I’d have to maneuver differently, causing more pain and stress on other places, to avoid the persistence of the pain. Now everything works together!

I have been a patient of Dr. Ferguson's for five years. He is what I like to call a "game changer" in his field. The stability and strength my body has today, I owe to him.

Severe hip pain/discomfort in walking, and overall body stiffness used to be daily stressors before becoming a patient of Dr. Ferguson's. Chiropractic care wasn't always a part of my life, and as my aliments worsened I sought physical therapy and went to specialized doctors. All attempts were temporary, unsuccessful, and/or undesirable (such as surgery).

After being diagnosed by Dr. Ferguson, and throughout his treatment plan my health transitioned dramatically. He changed my life. Throughout the treatment process, Dr. Ferguson always offered advice, knowledge, and genuine concern.

Because of my experiences I cannot express how grateful I am for his expertise, and how much confidence and respect I have for him in his profession. I continue to see Dr. Ferguson because his care is a part of my lifestyle, and I have yet to stop learning from him in maintaining my overall health.

I highly recommend Dr. Ferguson. He will extensively evaluate your overall body condition. If your damage/issues are beyond chiropractic care he will tell you why, and what your options are- he is that honest and discerning... both qualities to admire of his professionalism."

-Angela P. (Latham, NY)

"Dr. John to the rescue! Whatever the "ouch" is, Dr John will find a solution! Kathryn makes you feel welcomed. What a great team!"

-Judy M. (Clifton Park, NY)

"Best chiropractic office ever at first I was nervous but in the end it all worked out!"

-Kobe (Glenville, NY)

"Very thorough, very friendly and will take care of your needs."

-Scott M. (Stillwater, NY)

"My family has been receiving chiropractic care for many years now. For my son on the autism spectrum, I knew that I needed a more specialized provider. I saw the research, knowledge and willingness that Dr. John Ferguson had with people/children on the spectrum and I decided to switch his chiropractic care to Dr. Ferguson. So happy we did! I trust his knowledge, experience and guidance."

-Cindy B. (Schenectady, NY)

"Dr. John Ferguson is a wonderful doctor and wellness expert. I have been going to Dr. John for the last few years for my chiropractic needs and he has been extremely supportive, knowledgeable and kind. I recommend him to all ages - young children and senior citizens. He is a great person!

Ferguson Family Chiropractic has been the best experience for me.  He will do anything he can to help you and he has helped lead me on my path to a healthier me."

-Laura B. (Waterford, NY)

 "Dr. John and Kathryn are very accommodating, understanding and sweet people. Last year my husband saw Dr. John because he suffered from migraines for 6 years. After about a month of adjustments, the migraines stopped. He continued adjustments for about a year and the migraines have not returned! Anyone who has ever suffered from a migraine knows what a blessing this is!"

-Wendy P. (Clifton Park, NY)

"Dr. John and Kathryn really do a great job for their patients. They go above and beyond to accommodate, help me relax and keep a positive attitude about my healing process! I truly believe in chiropractic care and I know I would not be as well off as I am today without his regular adjustments to both my spine and my soul! God bless you both."

-Janice G. (Troy, NY)

"I met Dr.John almost a year ago he was a guest speaker at a training I had. I am very blessed because since then Dr. John has been helping me. I wasn't in the best of shape with my back but today I am halfway there. I have a ways to go it takes time. Dr. John and Kathryn have always accommodated me when I needed to switch days. I cannot say enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With love and appreciation."

-Jojo C. (Rexford, NY)

"Before receiving Chiropractic care I had neck and shoulder pain on a daily basis. I was not capable of sitting and doing my work at my computer for more than an hour at a time. Even with frequent breaks of getting up and moving around I still found myself in a lot of pain.

Now that I decided to take charge of the situation and receive Chiropractic Care I can work comfortably on my computer. As well the time now I spend on the computer has greatly increased and I am pain free. I am mindful about breaks and stretching.

Dr. John has helped me relieve the constant pain and has also educated me about preventative actions to better support my neck and spine.

This is the first winter in my entire life that I didn't get a cold or have serious sicknesses! All due to taking care of my immune system with Chiropractic Care. THANKS DR. JOHN!!! for showing me how to keep my body healthy."

-Lauren S. (Niskayuna, NY)

"Being an athlete myself, I went to Chiropractic care to see how I could improve my performance with my running. After seeing that my shoulders, hips, and overall posture had some alignment issues, I decided to take action.

Since I have been in care for some time I have noticed great improvement of range of motion, less discomfort and improved posture. Now I am a better athlete by having continuing chiropractic care for my sport.

Now I am looking towards the future and going pro with my running career. So positive thoughts, positive posture and hard work will get me to where I am going.

Thanks Dr. John!"

-Charles K. (Clifton Park, NY)

"I came in with a blocked ear and vertigo. Dr. John did an adjustment and I was relieved of the symptoms within a few days.

I know if I would have gone to my General Practitioner he would have given me antibiotics and decongestants that would have also affected the beneficial bacteria in my body and the decongestants would have left my mouth dry.

Rather than suffer from these side effects, I allowed my body to heal itself with the help of Dr. John's adjustment!"

- Fred M. (Hope, NY)

"Before receiving Chiropractic care I had no energy, the pain in my legs and back was unbearable and I could barely do anything.

I speak from the bottom of my heart, I know God makes a way. Dr. John is a man of integrity and honesty. He has helped me so much. He takes his time and is patient.

I do not have severe pain like I used to. When I leave the office after an adjustment I feel like a brand new person. I am more active and can do the things I couldn't do before. What more can I say, give it a try. GET ADJUSTED!"

-Patricia G. (Rotterdam, NY)

"I was in so much pain that I was desperate, so a friend told me about Dr. John. I said I would try it. At that point it hurt to walk, sit, lie down, get up, everything was just painful. I, the disbeliever, now have all the faith in the world in Dr. John. He is amazing. He tells you what he is doing and how it helps. I cannot believe how much better I feel. It's not getting better overnight, but I do feel much better. Still have shoulder pain and numbness but in time I know it will get better too! I have to see a rheumatologist, but whatever he does or prescribes I will talk to Dr. John about it first. He is my handy-dandy man!"

- Faye D. (Clifton Park, NY)

"I am the early bird client, I enjoy my adjustment first thing in the morning. My day is more enjoyable, I feel relaxed and my mood is more positive. My knees used to bother me a lot due to lack of cartilage and arthritis - the pain has lessened tremendously. Thank you, Dr. John!"

-Julie S. (Malta, NY)

"I was working out frequently and taking care of myself physically, eating right and doing everything you would think to do to live a healthy life. However, I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my fingers and sometimes in my toes.

Within weeks of my initial visit, along with my better understanding of the nervous system and the part it plays in my overall well-being, I began to feel better in my workouts, and when I was sleeping and waking up. The numbness in my fingers and toes was no longer a problem.

I truly believe in Chiropractic care. For awhile I stopped getting adjusted. My workouts and sleep were not like before and I just felt 'off'. I know now that my physical and mental wellness are a direct result of returning to Chiropractic care."

-Jamie T.

"I was coming to Dr. John's office for adjustments and I had a wonderful extra special happening.

It was not unusual for me to not be sleeping well for the last year and a half. I assumed it was part of the aging process. Some mornings I awoke feeling more 'beat and tired' than when I went to bed. However, the evening of my very first adjustment resulted in the most restful and relaxing sleep that I can remember in a very long time.

Much to my delight this wonderful new sleep pattern still continues. It was like Dr. John pushed a 'magic button' for me. Even my husband has noticed an improved difference since I no longer disturb him with restless sleep. We are both benefiting from your excellent Chiropractic care."

-Elaine O. (Clifton Park, NY)

"I have suffered intensely, from the age of 11, with terrific migraine headaches. In a typical week, I can honestly say that I would experience 3 to 4. After much suffering I decided to explore Chiropractic care.

At the age of seventeen I began Chiropractic care and the occurrence of migraines decreased from 3 to 4 a week to 1 or 2 a month. This made a BIG change in my life, to finally be free of the actual headaches along with the dread of one possible occurring. Being free from migraines has had an amazing effect on my life. I can make decisions as to when I want to do things, rather than letting the migraines control ME.

I would encourage anyone who is suffering from headaches and migraines to do the same thing that I did. Take control of your health, improve it, begin Chiropractic care and truly change your life for the better. I am so thankful that I began are at Ferguson Family Chiropractic and got my life back from the migraines!" 

- Ashley F. (Waterford, NY)

"Before I started Chiropractic care I had migraines on almost a daily basis, neck pain so bad I couldn't look up, and turning my head side-to-side was painful. I'm on my feet working 70 hours or so a week and had lower back pain from that also. These problems had been going on for years with the migraines happening since I was an early teenager.

Since starting Chiropractic care I have better range of motion with my neck, my migraines are less frequently (I only get one maybe once a week on a bad week). The back pain has gotten better also. I suffer from insomnia and that has also improved. I fall asleep faster at night and wake up feeling very rested. I have almost no aches and pains that I used to.

I definitely made a good decision becoming a patient of Dr. John's. His approach to things is very comforting, the way he explains everything before and as he does things. He is very informative and I look forward to my adjustments every week."

- Lindsay S.

"I had been bothered with problems in my arms and neck for the past few years. Sometimes the symptoms were temporarily alleviated but the discomfort never completely went away.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. John's I have had a marked improvement in flexibility as well as a marked diminishment in any discomfort i.e. pain, burning in my neck, tingling in my arms."

-Cathy C.